history of dk security

DK Security HistoryFAST FACTS:

  • Founded 1995
  • Retired U.S. Marshal / Retired FBI Supervisory Agent
  • Fastest Growing Security Company in Michigan
  • Expanded to Ohio, Arizona and Indiana
  • Currently pursuing additional locations
  • Currently over 1,100 Employees
  • Currently $15 million in annual revenue

Two men who spent their professional lives protecting and serving the public retired in 1993. John Kendall had served as U.S. Marshal, Police Chief, County Undersheriff and Air Force Air Policeman. Bob DuHadway was an FBI supervisory agent.

John and Bob knew each other well, as their paths frequently crossed throughout their professional careers. After retirement, they collaborated and found commonality in their desire to continue securing their community. They saw west Michigan growing economically, and identified an opportunity to fill a regional security need while continuing their lives of protective service. After due diligence and a lot of discussion, DuHadway, Kendall & Associates was born in 1995. Their firm, known today as DK Security, would always be on duty to protect clients.

At the company’s inception, John and Bob made a deliberate decision to make their employees their primary differentiators. They would recruit and hire former law enforcement officers and military veterans, offer competitive pay and benefits and treat employees with respect. As a result, their hires stayed with DK and impressed clients with professionalism and consistency.

As clients’ trust in DK Security grew, they encouraged the company’s expansion into a fuller range of security services. Bob and John methodically expanded their service offering while maintaining focus on protecting the public, with the primary goal of becoming a comprehensive security resource. They expanded their team to include highly skilled and experienced professionals in specialized security areas, such as forensic accounting, forensic psychology, asset tracing, electronic countermeasures, fraud examination, undercover investigations, surveillance and security technology. With a combined list of unmatched credentials and an extensive network of trusted colleagues and associates, DK Security soon found its place in the private security and investigative industry.

DK Security has changed substantially as a company since 1995. However, the core values of the company – operating with integrity, honor commitments to customers and treating employees with respect – have earned us a reputation as a security firm that is “Always on Duty.”

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