HonorLine:  anonymous reporting hotline
HonorLine is an anonymous hotline designed for use by your employees and vendors to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within your organization. 
"If I had only known...." is an all too common expression by corporate executives after they learn of ongoing criminal or unethical misconduct within their own company.
Companies throughout the United States lose billions of dollars annually as a result of internal theft, fraud or employee misconduct.
In many cases, these losses and damages could have been significantly reduced if the company had in place a means for employees to anonymously report information to uncover and stop illegal or dangerous actions by employees and vendors.



why a Hotline?

  • Significantly reduces theft, waste, fraud, abuse and potential for workplace violence
  • Reduces criminal and civil liability
  • The least expensive security measure available 
  • The honorable employees deserve an anonymous and safe method of reporting employee misconduct
  • Demonstrates your company’s commitment to providing a highly ethical and safe workplace

To learn more, watch Executive Vice President Dr. Kathryn A. Kendall discuss the importance of Honorline and how the system works in eightWest's "Ask the Expert" segment.




Honorable Employees:  Your Best Security Force

Fortunately, you already have a solid security force in place: your honest employees. At minimum, 85% of your employees are honorable people who want to do the right thing to protect your company and their future. They want to share with you information about the threats and risks with which your company is faced. The secret is finding the mechanism to allow them to safely and anonymously report the information and as an employer, it is your responsibility to provide an effective and safe reporting method.

How does HonorLine work?

First, you will identify who, within your organization, you would like to receive the information obtained by HonorLine from the anonymous calls.  You will then work with our staff to determine the best methods of communicating to your employees, the purpose of the hotline and the phone number for their use.  Once a call is placed, the information is then provided to the designated representative of your company (i.e., HR, CEO) either via telephone or email within 24 hours of the call.

You do not need to invest money into an additional position of employment or increase manpower within your organization in order to accomplish this task.  The HonorLine manages this entire process for you and serves as the vehicle of communication of highly sensitive information that may otherwise not be communicated.  The HonorLine ensures that the information is handled and communicated in a highly confidential and safe manner.  The HonorLine manages all information, data, and follow-up, and provides monthly and quarterly reports.  The only responsibility of the client, is to post the phone number and to handle the presented information according to general human resources practices. 

How is HonorLine Different?

The HonorLine is owned and operated by DK Security, a national leader in providing security and investigative services, and founded by a retired FBI Supervisory Agent and U.S. Marshal.  DK’sHonorLine,employs and networks with several highly trained investigators, including former FBI agents, Deputy U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement agents.  With HonorLine, the clients have access to our investigative staff for questions, consulting, and investigative needs on any level.  Whether it is a quick question or an investigative need, our staff is available to support you 24 hours a day and to develop a partnership with your organization for your security needs.  HonorLineis capable of providing investigative services anywhere in the United States & Canada and most locations world wide, within hours of the request. 

Reporting Categories

  • Fraud
  • Embezzelment
  • Narcotics Use
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Discrimination
  • Unsafe Workplace
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Threats of Workplace Violence


The HonorLine is the most inexpensive security measure available for businesses and corporations. The cost can be as little as $25 / mo for companies with fewer than 300 employees and small reportings of information may save a company thousands or even millions in terms potential lawsuits.  Please contact our offices for a quote.