executive protection

DK Security maintains highly trained, armed experienced security professionals who provide threat analysis, security planning strategies and on site personal protection for:

  • Executives and Families
  • Political Leaders
  • VIP's / Entertainers
  • Judicial Officials
  • Attorneys
  • Mid-Level Managers

Executive Protection Planning is a comprehensive, written strategy specially tailored to each executive / corporation.  It is highly recommended that every corporation conduct a thorough analysis of potential threats of executives, managers, families and "front line" employees.  DK Security models its security planning processes based upon those methods utilized by the U.S. Marshal Service, Secret Service, FBI and Blackwater. 

STEP 1            Threat Analysis
STEP 2            Plan Development
STEP 3            Training
STEP 4            Implementation

THREAT ANALYSIS: The cornerstone to all executive protection is a process known as threat analysis.  All personal protection operations conducted by DK are proceeded by an in depth study of the severity of the threat, probability and opportunity for the threat to be consummated and response necessary to negate the threat.  This analysis is conducted by our Threat Analysis Group (TAG).  This group is led by our in-house forensic psychologist who specializes in personality disorders, human motivation, scientific content analysis and criminal profiling.  Other team members are retired U.S. Marshals with years of threat analysis experience, retired law enforcement officers, Blackwater trained security specialists.  The Marshals have conducted hundreds of high profile and high risk protection details involving not only government officials, but foreign defectors and government witnesses.  DK Security has successfully conducted over 300 personal protection details without incident.

In today's business climate a wide variety of possible risks exist as a result of downsizing, rightsizing, employee terminations, employee misconduct, criminal activity (both internal and external) and other such threats.  To this end, a consultation with the DK TAG team is critical at the onset of your planning and strategy sessions.  It is unlikely you will experience a potential threat that we have not previously identified and resolved in our past experiences.  We strongly believe that your personal safety is a function of 90% planning and 10% execution.

executive protection professional QUALIFICATIONS

  • Training in personal protection strategies
  • Close quarter firearms training
  • Hand to Hand Defense Tactics
  • Site Advance Planning experience
  • Threat Analysis experience
  • First Aid / CPR trained
  • Physically fit and successfully passed physical strength agility tests
  • Excellent communication skills

Dk's executive protection team members

  • U.S. Marshal Service
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • FBI
  • Federal Judges
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Grand Rapids Police Department
  • Witnesses in Witness Protection Program
  • Lansing Police Department
  • Members of the President's Cabinet
  • Blackwater
  • High Profile Prisoners
  • U.S. Military
  • High Profile Business Executives
  • Entertainers and Professional Athletes

increase in national violence

Over the past 12 years we have observed a significant rise in the violence and / or threat of violence in executives, their families, their senior staff and others within their companies.  This increase is traced to a number of phenomena, but clearly the recession, rightsizing, plant closings, unemployment and other terminations are driving the recent threat levels.  In addition, a notable increase exists in assaults and threats on political leaders, celebrities, sports stars and school officials.  In response to the increase demands of personal protection, DK Security has increased its protection staff by 200% since September 11, 2001.

To learn more, watch Executive Vice President Dr. Kathryn A. Kendall and retired Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Steve Pekrul discuss executive security strageties on eightWest's "Ask the Expert" segment.